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Derived from ancient Buddhist theory, Bodhi Meditation offers a unique methodology that stimulates physical renewal and promotes general health. Acclaimed as a natural stress relief system, it further revitalizes the mind and frees the spirit, facilitating improvements in both mental clarity and physical well-being.

Bodhi Meditation applies traditional practices to the challenges of modern living. The result is a uniquely effective meditation system that holistically enhances immunity, stamina and state of mind. The techniques are accessible and practical, yielding results quickly. As such, they are particularly well-suited to the pressures of urban life – and the health issues that result from them. In its mere 20 years of availability to the public, Bodhi Meditation has already benefited millions. All are welcome, irrespective of age, religion or personal background.

Under the auspices of Meditation Master JinBodhi, Bodhi Meditation has been offering meditation materials, retreats and drop-in sessions to students from all corners of the globe since its 2004 global inauguration.

Master JinBodhi developed Bodhi methodology after spending eighteen years studying traditional philosophy and meditation on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China. In 1991, he emerged from this period of intensive training to great acclaim as a meditation master. From then on, he has taught and inspired vast multitudes of people throughout Asia. Master JinBodhi’s methodology is based on the ancient Eastern philosophy of “compassion,” an understanding of humanity’s interconnection and its inseparability from the natural world.

Mind-body awareness is an essential component of the Bodhi Meditation approach: according to meditative tradition, the mind has the ability to broaden and to heal, correcting physical and mental illness.

Motivated by his beliefs and experience, the Master continues to teach meditation, author written works and release multimedia material. Due to his efforts, Bodhi Meditation has spread to over twenty different countries and regions worldwide. As a result, courses are offered in various languages, including Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

The organization’s mandate is:

“To disseminate the therapeutic practices that constitute Bodhi Meditation as broadly as possible for the benefit of the public.”

Bodhi Meditation relies on this fundamental objective in the teaching of select and effective meditation techniques. The organization pursues these educational goals in order to promote greater mental and physical health within individuals and society at large.

About Founder – Master JinBodhi

The months of May and June are known as “plum rain season” in Taiwan, bringing a steady torrent of wet weather. Even in such a season, there are occasionally sunny breaks. However, in my memory, my childhood passed without any sunny days.

Picture of Master JinBodhi

Born in a small, poor town in the Hebei province of China, my early years coincided with the Cultural Revolution, which was a period of immense social and political turmoil. When my mother was pregnant with me, my parents became the victims of political struggles and were sent to a “re-education camp” in the countryside. Due to poor living conditions and lack of food, she suffered from severe malnutrition and gave birth to a very sick child. From the time I came into this world, I suffered from all manner of illness that doctors said was a direct result of malnutrition. I spent every single day in pain and misery….

Meditation Basics

Most forms of meditation encourage the focusing of thought and the mindfulness of mental distractions: pleasant, unpleasant, habitual and so forth. Most meditation promotes thought-pattern recognition and renewed perspective, effecting calm and a sense of being “grounded” regardless of the style of practice – excellent news, given the sheer volume of meditation styles from which to choose.


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